Moms Can Code School


Through Project-Based Learning, students acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems. Here are some examples of the projects you'll work on in Moms Can Code School during Weeks 1-8.


In the final weeks of the program, students work in teams to develop a prototype using Human-Centered Design Thinking & Agile Methods.


Meet the Mentors

Learn From Industry Experts

Our mentors are hand-picked and go through an on-boarding process to prepare for the program. They are volunteers who believe in your potential and are giving their time to see you succeed.

Interested in mentoring? Reach out today!


Registration Process

Spoto Family Session-17 (2) - Nicole Spo

Educational Partners

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Registration Fees

We do not have any scholarships available at this time. 

Upon completing the Pre-work for this program, you'll be invited to complete the registration process by making a one-time payment or enrolling in a 3-month payment plan. The first payment must be made before the start of the program.



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