How to Work From Home When You’re Sick
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How to Work From Home When You’re Sick

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Whether you work from home, work in an office, or stay at home…it just plain sucks to be sick as a mom. Kids still need to be dropped off at school, fed, bathed, clothed, and there is no time to just rest. Even if those are the doctor’s orders.

Here’s what you can do if you are sick while working from home:


It is really tempting not to shower. Especially, when you feel like crap. But, get in there and wash your hair. The warm water and steam will make you feel better, at least momentarily. Next, put some clothes on! Leggings and a comfy sweater are fine. Just whatever you do, do not put jammies on!


It seems kind of silly but if you have a favorite scented lotion, put it on everywhere. The reason you feel so good after getting a massage is that it increases circulation. So give yourself a mini massage! If you hate the idea of putting on lotion or don’t think your kids will leave you alone for at least five minutes, at the very least massage your face with your favorite scented lotion.

Ask For Help

This one’s always hard. But if you have a girlfriend or a family member who can watch your kids, pick up the kids from the bus stop, or even better yet, take them out for dinner, call that person! If you have a partner and you think they might be able to adjust their schedule, ask them to.

Cancel Meetings

If you’re not feeling well and it’s absolutely possible for you to reschedule a meeting, then do it. You’re probably not going to be at your best mentally if your body is using all it’s got to make your immune system more effective. If you’re not sure how to cancel what may seem like an important meeting.

Here’s an example of what to say:

Hello (Very Important Person You Have Meeting With),

Unfortunately, I am very ill today. As a result, I will need to reschedule for a future date.

I’m very much looking forward to our conversation.

All the best and Happy Holidays,

Your Name

(Yes, this short and simple email does work and has been met with positive responses!)

Drink Water & Eat Something

When you’re trying to get work done and change diapers, it can be really difficult to eat healthily and sometimes even remember to eat.

But it’s super important to stay hydrated when you’re sick so make it a priority to drink water! And even if you’re not in the mood for a huge meal, plan on eating before you’re expected to take any medications.


Even if it’s not something you typically do, take a nap if your children will allow it. If they nap, you nap. If you have older children coming home after school, take a nap in the afternoon before they get there! The extra rest will make the evening suck a little less.

Order Out

Instead of a Rainy Day Fund, we think all families should have a Sick Day Fund. Today’s the day to outsource anything you can and that includes cooking! Have the kids weigh in on the restaurant choice and make it fun by decorating paper plates (on the outside) before the food arrives!

What are some of your tips for working from home while sick? Share them with us!